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Reply to "16u pitcher launched a channel to help younger kids learn how to pitch. Needs your support and input."

Sirloindameaty posted:

@Scott Muroe

Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. I feel like your post is a good example of how forums like this should be used.  Meaningful and constructive feedback is not always easy to come by on forums. Thank you!

I'll pass the sentiment along. I think that collaboration with other programs may be a little ways down the road given time and age constraints.

You are welcome! Also, I agree the forum should be a place for else can you learn if you do not ask for feedback?

In defense of those who choose not to provide feedback, this forum has a couple of members on it that have ruined it for people like you and I apologize for that.  There many good people on this site who have a wealth of knowledge that would love to help continue an up and coming player's success. You know who they are...just PM them with your questions.

Just for informational purposes, there are 14-year-olds on YouTube that are making over 6 figures a year....Collabs are the way to grow quickly.

I have a company that does Digital Marketing, as well as, provides event technology for corporate meetings and events.....feel free to PM me if that young man has any further questions.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.