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Reply to "20 year old freshmen"

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90-91 is a good target for college. If you want to go pro you have to aim higher. Remember you're not going to be twenty-one in three years. You're going to need to be further along if you want to be a prospect.

I understand. But I'm a lefty. I don't necessarily have to throw as hard as righties. I did some research and saw a lot of lefties touching 90 and good change up and curve and are projected to be drafted in the 4th and 5th rounds. So I definitely want to aim a little higher as far as velocity is concerned but honestly I feel I do have a chance to go pro. As long as I work hard and believe in myself no one can stop me 

If you really want to get drafted you should be going to a JUCO because as RJM said you will be 23  in 3 years and your projection might be on a downhill curve at that time and where you think you should be drafted more than likely may not happen. Also, while you say it doesn't matter playing D2 vs D1 that is an untruth.   While you are at 87-88, no one can predict that you would be even at 90. You have to remember that the body slows down, and much is about your genes and training and projection.  Sons velo was pretty steady in college, as that is where the learning takes place, and his peak velocity came after 26-27 in pro ball as projected due to body type.  It takes a really long time to get to that point in velocity, for most.

I am convinced that you believe in yourself. However, I can tell you that it isnt as easy as so many think it will be.  Getting drafted in the first 10 rounds is a major accomplishment. To get the money they are willing to pay you at 23,24 you have to be pitching against the best college hitters in the country. That will be found in the top D1 programs in the country or playing on a summer team found on the better summer college leagues.

Again you came here looking for advice and you did in a very mature way and I am not trying to burst your bubble, but from a parent whose son attended a top 8 program in the country (at the time of his junior year) in the ACC, son had to face a lot of first rounders in power conferences and do well in the cape cod league as well to get where he got drafted and most of it was on projection, as well as his sinker (dp pitcher).  At 21.  That is very big criteria for college pitchers to be drafted high, righty or lefty. Just trying to make you understand how it is, and I can tell you with all the guys throwing harder these days its not going to get easier.



 I understand all this  and I appreciate you taking your time to tell me all this. I didn't necessarily mean to get drafted in the top 10 rounds I was hair giving some examples. I just want to get drafted. Also let me tell you this. I gained 6 miles on my fastball in a span of 2 months working hard down the Dominican Republic so I know what I have to do in order to gain velocity. In regards to my cousin Pedro Beato who currently is in triple A I speak to him often.. I'm well aware that it isn't easy but with hard work you can get far. Him being my cousin he tells me all the time that he Is willing to help me anyway he can.  I actually was close to getting signed as a free agent in the DR but my age didn't really help me considering the fact that I've 18 is considered old. But I know it won't be easy but I'm willing to go for it and try to accomplish my dream