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Reply to "2004 DRAFT"

TR Hit...

I have to agree with you on this thought stream...

"To all you Folks out there in the HSBBW:
...while it may seem iportant to "baseball people" where your son(s) are ranked...only you, and the boys really care about this sort of stuff.

Several years ago, I had the social circumstance of meeting an Owner of a National League Team.

Due to the fact that this was not a "Baseball" function, but a charitable fundraiser, we kept the chit-chat on baseball to a minimium. However, the MOST telling thing which he said was:
"John, this is not only a business, but an industry. The LAST thing any GM wants is for the 'other guy' to know what we really think about ANY player in whom we have a genuine interest"

Ultimeately, the draft is the only real "ranking" which means ANYTHING.
The rest,or so I've been told, is superfluous.

When dealing in what is essentially an "unregulated securities market" (see congressonl anti-trust exemption).
Nothing is, as what it may appear to be...

Play ball...