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Reply to "2014 Anxiety"

Originally Posted by Aleebaba:

I have been on this site for years, preparing for the day this Summer when genuine interest and decisions are made involving college baseball.  I have watched son succeed and fail in front of potentially interested coaches, and I have scheduled camps and showcases that I have been told may help get him on radar of interested schools.  I have talked to parents of kids we play with -- and have played with -- that are signing at major baseball D1 schools and being considered top picks in the draft.  I have also talked to other parents on team whose sons have got virtually no interest from any schools to date.  I have sent emails to colleges, and had my son respond to colleges that showed real interest.  I have filled out questionaires for colleges for my son after he came back exhausted from double headers, and I have pushed him to return calls and fill out stuff when he only had limited interest in a school.


We are less than half way through the Summer and every week brings a different emotion.  I think we both are starting to realize what level of college he most likely will be considered by, and it is not the top echelon baseball schools.  Yes some say they are still watching, but we see the size, speed and velocity of the kids that are being considered by these schools, and although he has played well head-to-head with these guys, or against those type of players, we understand that being "projectable" is one of the most important considerations, (and that objective numbers do matter).  . 


I am writing this because I feel I may be obsessing too much, but I know I am not the only one.  I just understand how important a decision college is for my son, not as much baseball wise, but career wise.  It was easy for my daughter as she did not want to play college sports, but my son still wants to go to good academic school and keep the pro ball dream alive. 


I would love to hear from others in my position.  Misery loves company so blurt it out.  We can share our pain over the next few months together.

This is all about you, which is fine, but I think some of us might have additional observations if it were more about the prospect.


Is he obsessing too much? Does he understand how important a decision college is for him? Is he in pain that he is looking to share?


Someone once gave me sage advice about youth sports. If the player doesn't have a problem, there is no problem.