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Reply to "2014 Anxiety"

Originally Posted by Aleebaba:
Originally Posted by Green Light:
This is all about you, which is fine, but I think some of us might have additional observations if it were more about the prospect.


Is he obsessing too much? Does he understand how important a decision college is for him? Is he in pain that he is looking to share?


Someone once gave me sage advice about youth sports. If the player doesn't have a problem, there is no problem.

That is right, I am writing this from a parent's perspective.  He has a more laid back approach about it, which is perfect.  He just needs to focus on being a better ballplayer and student.  When the time comes to make a decision he can go through the heartache of making the right decision, but no reason for him to obsess over it.  17 year olds see life different than 50 year olds, which is great.  If you as a parent do not have anxiety that is fine, but I do not know any parents that fit in that category.

That's great. Glad to hear the player is taking things (relatively) calmly. In that case I have no comments or suggestions to offer him now.


As for Midlo's post....which I agree with.....I think you may have missed one of his points. When you say "I will take that chance", it's not about you accepting consequences for the chances you are taking, it's about the consequences for your son's recruiting experience.

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