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Reply to "2014 Anxiety"

Originally Posted by Green Light:
Originally Posted by bacdorslider:

who has not sent an email or filled out a questionaire for a player,  I know my sons summer coach does it all the time. what's the difference?


What has happened to this Board????


I haven't filled out a questionnaire in the name of a player or relative, and I haven't sent an email for a player or relative that was purportedly signed by them or addressed from them.


If my opinion was requested by questionnaire or email, I have filled them out and signed them in my name or sent them from my email address, but that is a separate subject.


I am not naive enough to think no parents fill out stuff for their little dahlings. But refer back to Midlo's post for what I think about this

my son got a questionaire from an SEC school, it had two parts, one for the player and one that specifically asked the HS or Summer coach to fill out and mail back.  My son and I sat at the table and he filled out his part, then he took the other part to his summer coach who is also a D1 coach and he filled out his part and sent both back to the school. He did what he was asked to do. I see nothing wrong with it. 


Son responds to his own emails, he sometimes askes me what he should say depending on what they are asking.  Again I see nothing wrong with that.