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Reply to "2014 Anxiety"

Originally Posted by bacdorslider:
Originally Posted by Green Light:

Do you recommend that parents send emails to schools for or on behalf of their sons? Do you recommend that parents fill out college questionnaires for their sons who are too exhausted to do it themselves?


Those are the issues here. See the OP.


I don't think anyone has a problem with coaches filling out coaches' questionnaires, or parents fielding questions from their kids relating to questionnaires.

No I do not recommend parents send anything on a sons behalf.  I feel that if my son gets an email from a coach he needs to respond.   my 2013  is slacking on getting all his info into the school he is going to and has a meeting July 9th with the team to make ouf class schedules and the coach wants everything in place by then. might be a hard lesson learned if he does not get it all in on time

Agree 100%.


Glad folks can come here and hash things out!