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Reply to "2014 Anxiety"

Originally Posted by Picked Off:


2014 RC are looking for guys that size, but he needs to be in the 90+RHP (not 82-87)for early love. 



I have been telling him that for months. I also told him to be aware of scouts, they tend to do a number on players who do not feel that they have been shown the love, they know how to press buttons. And never never bad mouth any coach ion public, it will always comes back to haunt you.

IMO, because of the lack of redshirt opportunities, college baseball recruiting has become, "what can you do for me now".


College recruiting for 2014 is not over, in fact it isn't over until this time next year.  Opportunities still exist and will continue to do so for months to come.


For those a bit nervous, have your players contact JUCO programs, there are quite a few very good ones out there.  This might give your player an advantage to get stronger.


Catchers/position players need to be able to be flexible/diverified for different positions, most really good programs recruit on the players ability to hit the ball.   At the college level, what gets you in the game is the bat. Pop times, arm speed, etc aren't as important, as they will always find a place in the lineup for you.