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Reply to "2014 Anxiety"

Originally Posted by Green Light:
Originally Posted by Aleebaba:

Well, a few weeks go by and some kids on our team are getting visits from pro agents that say they will be top round picks, some kids are starting to make decisions on where they are going to commit, and some have received no emails or calls at all to date.  Not sure if people in the latter category are glad to be playing with the highly recruited or not, as it clearly is creating dual feelings of happiness for kid and family, but angst as to if it will ever happen for their son.  Think about it, your kid is a LHP that is effective but only throws low to mid 80s at best, or he hits well but is under 6' and does not run less than 7 in the 60.  At present all the attention goes to the 90+, 6'3"+, sub 7 guys.  What should a parent do to put kid on the radar if not one of these highly touted guys?  When do they start getting love?

I think the parent should kinda step back and let the kid deal with the situation on and off the field.


It makes perfect sense that the more talented kids are getting more attention or earlier attention than the less talented kids. How else would anyone want it and expect it to be? If this natural and logical state of affairs in sports and life is causing angst, I think it may be due to unrealistic expectations that need to be changed.


Back when the player was entering high school it might have been helpful for the parents to advise him that 90+ pitchers get taken before low 80s pitchers and sub-7 second middle infielders get taken before the over-7 second kids. But if a 2014 does not understand that today, July 25, 2013..............well maybe it is never too late.


How should less talented kids get on the radar? I would suggest (the player, not the parent) start working even harder and redoubling efforts to keep up communication with coaches/scouts.

Again Greenlight, I am just expressing feelings of so many of us parents in this situation.  I am not saying it is unfair, nor am I saying son should not be intimately involved in process.