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Reply to "2014 Anxiety"

For all of those that are not familiar with who WallyL is, he is the father of Chris Lubanski.


My player also was very close to the show, in 2010 he was placed on the 40 man roster, but that fall had his 3rd operation since being drafted in 2007. Not major  but enough to keep him from not being able to show off his stuff in spring training in 2011 in front of TLR and Dave Duncan, and lost his 40 man spot as the cardinals were on their way to the WS and needed spots by trade deadline.


He's been trying to get back since, and it's not easy. That's why I tell people over and over, unless you get a nice bonus that will sustain you, go to college and get your education paid for as much as possible, because you most likely will never see very much from pro ball in the way of really nice comfortable life changing $$.


I think that the big issue here is that many players set their standards too high to begin with, they never really get evaluated correctly and over shoot for the larger programs when these programs just are not a good fit for them to begin with.  Didn't we have a parent here that said they asked their son to make a "list" of the schools he would like to play for, and after contacting those schools he realized, eventually that these were not programs that would ever have any interest in his son to begin with.  He never thought that he had to "showcase" his son because he was good and got people out.

My son had a great recruiting experience with great opportunities,  he was ranked pretty high, but reality was that he learned eventually that his dream school wasn't a very good fit for him as were many top programs (ACC,SEC) that recruited him.


I am not sure that most people really understand what it is like to attend a top 10-25 program.  My son also had a  great college experience but there were times that he wanted out, he ended up being a high draft pick but still struggled at times his first few years in college.  Those were the days when there were no roster limits (though the ACC had limits) for D1, so you had a chance to grow up a bit. Now, my understanding is freshman might have to contribute asap, so there is no grow up time available and reshirts don't exist at the larger more successful programs (exception is medical waiver).


To avoid all of this get an evaluation from a reliable source early in HS and work on what you have to so you can have more opportunities when your junior year rolls around. Don't give up,  recheck and double check to make sure that you are on the right path, which is different for everyone. 


No one ever said it was easy, things still remain the same in the sense that you have to get someone's attention, and it might not (usually isn't) the guy you want to notice you the most. Don't take it personally, the above scenario with Chris is just one example of how brutal it can be.