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Reply to "2016 MLB All-Star Game in San Diego"

Maybe this belongs in the good places to eat on the road.


Dont know about you, but I love BBQ.  Everywhere I go I try to find the best.

Well, because our All American game is played at Petco, I get to San Diego every year.

You would never expect to find one of the best BBQ places in San Diego, but one of the best I have ever had is there.

PHIL'S Barbeque, it is well know!  I am addicted to that place.  Both ribs and chicken are great. I would guess the other stuff is too.  Sauce is unbelievable, I always buy several bottles to take home.

TIP:  They usually have a very long line waiting to get in.  I always call and order, then you can go right to the head of the line.  Then you just need to find a place to enjoy it.

BTW, Our All American selection show is part of the All Star game festivities.  If you get there stop and talk to Daron Sutton and our other guys.  I'm positive you would like Daron!  BTW, Daron's father is Hall of Famer Don Sutton.

I hope you make it out there.