Reply to "2020 Grad- 3B/RHP"

StrainedOblique posted:

Your son sounds like a pretty talented player. As far as D1 baseball goes , For a 2020 it's about working to improve the skill set,  staying healthy and doing well in the classroom. D1 ball will show up if he's compatible at that level. THEY will let you know. As far as foot speed, my son didn't really have great speed until he spent a summer at UCLA working w/ a track coach.

As far as D1 qualifications go it's subjective to the school or conference the school plays in. USC recruits a different player than New Mexico State. And Vanderbilt recruits a different guy than Georgetown

A couple of stats that seem to hold true for guys recruited at D1 level:

RHP's min Velo 88 mph ( preferably 90 )

LHP's min 85 ( preferably 87)

Min 60 time 6.9 ( gotta break a 7 )

The rest of the stuff depends on what level D1 program is watching , Top level ( Vandy, UCLA ) Mid - level and lower levels all recruit different guys

Most the guys that get recruited at the big powerhouse top 20 programs are MLB draftable coming out of high school.

Strained, I agree with your whole post with one exception -- the average MLB sixty time is 6.9 - 7.0. That is a 50 grade on the scouting scale (see It is impossible that the average MLB time is the same as the minimum time for a D1 recruit. Particulary since the OP's son is not a MIF or CF . . .