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Reply to "2022 High School Season"

1st of all..........THANKS TO THIS SITE.  It help us through many things/questions on our journey.  Lots of great information, people, and FRIENDS.

Season and high school career came to an end on Saturday.  Made it 3 rounds deep in the 5a playoffs in Texas.  Son came back from not pitching in about a year to start G1 of each series (3 innings, then 4 and 4 as he was on a pitch count of 60).  11 IP, 1 earned run.

Didn't win any of the flips, so we were always visitor in game 1 of each series.

Lost G1 of the 1st 2 series, but swept the next 2 games to take each series.

3rd round we went to East Texas and played in front of about 1,500 crazy East Texans yelling everything they could find on the internet about you.  Proud of his effort.  4 strong innings including striking out the side in the 4th after a couple of errors and a hit.  Taken out after we score 6 in the top of the 5th to save pitches...........maybe for Saturday. Won 7-3.

Play Friday night at home, basically nothing goes our way as all hard hit balls are right at em.  Go to the bottom of the 7th down 7-3.  Their bull pen has trouble shutting the door and soon it is 7-6 w/ the bases loaded and 1 out.  Opposing pitcher has thrown 1 strike in 10 pitches.  Their coach goes out to talk to him to settle him down.  No one up in the pen, it's his game.  We have our 7 hole catcher up who has had a decent post season hitting the ball hard, he's also had a few successful suicide squeeze attempt throughout the year.

Sitting w/ my older son who played 3 years in the program and knows the signs (have not changed in forever, but they are so convoluted you'ld never figure them out).  Coach give the signs and we both mouth "NO" (from our position by 3rd baseline).

You guessed it........squeeze on 1st of the at bat.  Pitcher bounces ball in front of plate and catcher blocks it, and we've got a 2 throw run down.  2 pitches later we hit deep FB to CF for 3rd out.  I've heard it a million times "if the other team is trying to give you the game, let them".   If a suicide was the option, do it after you get a strike, as you're counting on someone throwing a strike that has not been able to. Fan of the play, not a fan of the timing of the play.  But the coach has won us plenty of games also, so I'm not one to judge or complain.

Needless to say the air is out of this over achieving team's balloon.  Kids were basically in shock coming out of the locker room.

Show up back in east texas at a neutral field for game 3 on Saturday and we better get off to a good start to erase the taste from our mouth.   

Give up 2 in the top of the 1st.

Son gets on to lead off the bot of the 1st, but untypically we do not bunt him over, or steal.  Ground ball force, then 2 K's.

Infield eventually has 4/5 errors and anything we hit hard is right at SS or 2nd. Lose 6-0 in a very non-spirited effort (totally out of character for a team that scratched and clawed for everything they achieved this year).

Wish he didn't have covid year AND acl tear take away 1 2/3 seasons, but it is what it is.

  Ended career w/ 92 hits (397 avg) and 15-1 on the bump w/ ERA of 0.93.  Now we get to get ready for the next level.  Taking @adbono's advice and gonna play where you're wanted.  Cried many tears since Saturday, but the sun has come up each day.  Couldn't be more proud to be his #1 fan.


And then Saturday night we got this done also. 

Thanks to everyone here.  Good luck to everyone.  Remember it's just a game that we all wish we were still playing.  Take care.


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