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Goosegg, since this thread has gone a little off-track, care to go a little further?  What would you suggest are part of a well-thought out plan for a SoCal kid who may have to leave to leave the land of eternal summer to find a good academic and baseball fit? My 2022LHP is strong academically and projects to be D1 (6'1" still growing,throwing low 80's but doesn't have his "man body" muscles yet, 155lbs soaking wet, clearly still in puberty) but who knows...The problem is that many of the great Engineering schools that are a good academic fit are strong baseball programs as well.  Maybe he'll get up to 90, maybe he'll top out in the upper 80's, how can you project that with accuracy?  Of course we'd love for him to start throwing heat and go to UCLA, but I prefer to make a realistic plan.

Just to consolidate a list of schools who routinely have multiple Engineering majors on their rosters...

Trinity TX
Rose Hulman
Case Western Reserve
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Merchant Marine Academy
Colorado School of Mines
Johns Hopkins
Stevens Institute
Cal Tech
Air Force, Navy, Army
WVU Tech
University of Texas at Dallas
Ohio Northern

No particular order. Additions and corrections are welcome.

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