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Reply to "Advice for a Freshman"

BLUD15 posted:

Hey Y'all, I just graduated high school and am currently preparing for my freshman year of college. I'll be playing at D3 school in TX. If y'all have any advice for me about adapting to the college environment or really anything to do with college, please share!!

Thank in advance!

1. Stay with your laundry, unless you bring it home to wash.  Can't tell you how many people had shirts go missing.

2. Bring a microwave, I spent many nights in the student lounge studying and being able to make a bowl of soup or popcorn was a life saver.

3. Bring Shower Shoes, foot fungus is no joke!

4. Block out your study time.  You may only have Monday night to study for your test on Friday.  I would spend most of Monday making up half note cards with a key sentence on one side with a key word missing, answer on back of you flip the card over.  Go over them multiple times, then on Friday on the way to class go over them again.

5. Know your much sleep do you need to function?  For me it was 6 hours a night, if I had one weekend day where I could sleep 12 hours.  If you need 8 a night then you better get 8 or you won't be any good to anyone.

6. Your professors aren't like High School teachers, many will say "Call me by my first name".  Talk to them, joke with them, learn from them. They have office hours and email, use them!

7. get a study buddy in each class.  Only having to do half the note cards helps greatly!

8. Your meal plan will allow you to take food out of the cafeteria, go ahead and do that, you may need it later.

9. Find the cheapest pizza place that makes their own will need it.

10. Find the nearest all night dinner, you will need it.