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Reply to "Advice on Specialization for 8th Grader"

Can't agree more with all the previous posts regarding:

  • Grades
  • Tools(Hitting, throwing, speed, etc)
  • Strength

Only other comment I'd add, is regarding pitching.  And in the case of travel and HS, know your coaches.  I've seen too many kids that coaches ride because of their arm.  Staying within the guidelines, but just within the guidelines.  Know your coaches...are they in it to win and may cause damage to your sons arm to win a title, or do they have his best interest in mind.

My son's at a D1 in California, and the number of kids coming in with TJ is amazing.    His HS team had a D1 commit pitcher and JUCO bound pitcher.  Both played for a "shaddy" travel ball coach that bent the rules on pitch count.  When HS was done, JUCO bound kid was done due to arm issues.  D1 bound kid was a 4 year pitcher and 3 year varsity pitcher.  Senior year had bone fragments in elbow and stopped pitching.  Lost scholarship, went JUCO, tried to go back to playing IF, but bat wasn't there anymore.  Struggled at JUCO to get playing time.

Lastly, regarding  HS, just because most freshman play on the Frosh team, doesn't mean he shouldn't work hard to make JV or Varsity.

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