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Reply to "Affect of Corona on ‘21s and ‘22s"

PitchingFan posted:
  1. You are also wasting your time sending emails or anything at this time.  Many coaches, if not all, have been threatened with loss of job or loss of scholarships if they recruit in any form during this time.  They cannot interact with anyone who is not on campus in any form during this time.  Some as far as cannot watch film or anything considered recruiting.  So if you do send something you should not expect a response of any kind.  You will not know if they have read it or put it back or what.  As I said in another section, I think the 20's-23's will have 25-50% of players fall from one level of baseball to the next one down.  P5 to Mid Major to lower to on and on.  I don't think the NLI means what it used to mean this year because I think coaches are going to have to say to guys, we will honor the NLI in it's truest form but we will not have a spot for you in the fall (no matter how good you are) unless you are the top 10-25% of the entire class.  Because there will be guys who were planning on going to P5's that will know they are not going to get to play if a large number of seniors and juniors come back next year.  So they will start looking for upper level mid majors to go to.  Which will push some mid major prospects down a level or to juco.  Just my opinion

 According to, this phone calls and written communications are allowed.  I think the idea is campuses are closed, so no visitors.  Limit person to person contact.  



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