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Any East Coast showcases - fall 2008?

My son is a rising junior at a Maryland private (MIAA - division A) school and played on varsity this past year as a sophomore.

He is going to tryouts for some fall showcase teams (we are getting a late start) and will tryout for a fall Legion team as well.

In the meantime we are looking for August/Fall showcases on the east coast. However I hear they can be cattle calls (we did the one in Baltimore last summer and it was a waste of time).

Others seem to limit the number of players registering (marketing tool?).
Does anyone know of any well attended, focused August/Fall showcases on the east coast?

Any help would be appreciated

(He is a SS/OF who hits typically .400, steals very successfully, and had an era below 2.00 over 30 innings (although he is not seeking to be a pitcher). )
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