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Reply to "Arm Conditioning/ Velocity Program"

Coach_TV posted:
Kyle Boddy posted:

This is simply wrong. I work for 5 MLB teams and seven pitchers from one team are currently in Seattle training on the team's dime. The entirety of the Cleveland Indians' minor league teams throw weighted balls; take a look at Goodyear during Spring Training if you don't believe me.

JP Hoornstra wrote about our work with the Dodgers and the results. I've worked for the Astros. You can see verified information in The Arm by Jeff Passan.

Major League pitching coach Brent Strom (and his bullpen coach, Craig Bjornson) are good friends of mine and supporters.

Basically it sounds like you've done zero research into it all before spouting off BS. Maybe consider that next time.

EDIT: By the way, the level that has the most to gain from a weighted ball program is not MLB. It would be their lower-level minor league pitchers to develop tradeable or promotable assets.

EDIT2: Our programs are heavily targeted towards late HS and college/pro arms, not youth pitchers. We train very few youth pitchers. I can't speak for our competition.

What about the Tom House Velocity Plus program -

Nolan Ryan and some others seem to be 100% behind this guy, is there anything to it?  I'm not recommending this or anything, just asking if there is anything to it. 

This is clearly anecdotal.  An academy and program in my area did it for one year.  In fact they are listed on the web site.  Had a big presentation.  Lots of people showed up.  The academy teams where going to do it as well as some other players I know.  I heard there were some issues with younger kids -- personally I think they were too young for this type of program.  As far as I know, it didn't stick.  Haven't heard about it for a few years.  It could be the cost as well.  Everything is expensive these days. 

IMO, with all of these programs the reality is that you need to be physically mature enough to handle the work out and you need to have the time and resources to do it.  Many require several days of work per week.  For most kids with school, other sports and activities it just doesn't all come together.