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Reply to "Arm Conditioning/ Velocity Program"

Steve A. posted:
Rob T posted:
Overthehill posted:

Both of my sons are qb's.  They both increased their velocity between their jr and sr years by throwing the football so much during the late summer 7 on 7 and in the fall every day during practice.  I am a firm believer in the football.  

This can't possibly be true, because throwing objects heavier than a baseball causes your arm to get injured.

The epidemic of ucl injuries among NFL starting quarterbacks is all the evidence you need.

Completely different mechanics throwing a football. Also, note how all the college & NFL QB's throw heavy footballs & reach back & long toss footballs with elevated front shoulder to see how far they can throw the football to increase their arm strength............Um, they do none of this because it is junk science & develops mechanics apart from their goals. Perfectly fine for pitchers though......

So, basically you can throw a heavy object as long as you do it with the proper mechanics?

Now if somebody would just figure out how to incorporate both of those things I'm thinking they could create a program that would increase velocity and reduce injuries.

- But that's just those voices in my head doing that crazy talk thing again.