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Reply to "AZ Fall Classic Junior/Senior All Academic Game"

SanDiegoRealist posted:
2019Dad posted:

Does anyone know if the PSAT will suffice for the junior academic game -- in other words if the PSAT score was over 1200, is that good enough, or does the student have to have taken the SAT?

According to the College Board, if you take the PSAT your score had you taken the SAT on the same day would have been the same. So seems to me that a PSAT score would have the same validity.

Yes, that is what the College Board states in the score report.

And if you took the PSAT/NMSQT as a sophomore, there is quite a bit of "projectability" (to borrow a baseball term) -- most kids do significantly better 18 or 24 months later, particularly if they prep for the test.

Edited to add: but I didn't know if some of these organizations are sticklers (like, "you haven't taken the SAT so it doesn't count") but from the posts above it doesn't sound like that is the case (no verification).

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