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Reply to "AZ Jr Fall Classic - Strategy"

smokeminside posted:

good questions!

My opinion: be aggressive at the plate; It's not a typical game situation. Coaches are there to see swings.

as far as the 60, not sure how coaches use the time recorded there. My guy has run a 6.75 at a showcase, but I timed him at 6.63 in practice, so he's gonna try to beat the 6.75.  If he runs slower, he's gonna ignore it when he sends out his emails/letters etc.  If he beats it, he'll tell everyone how much he's improved.

Is your boy in the academic tryout? If so, he'll have a chance to run it then, too.

He's not participating in the academic tryout (I'm just trying to keep his GPA north of 3 .

On the 60, since being timed at 6.59 he's been doing core training and I've also got him signed up to spend an hour with a sprint trainer (as I suspect his form is pretty inefficient).  So I have some reason to believe he can do better.  Tough call.  Just a bad start and you're 0.2s higher.

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