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Reply to "AZ Jr Fall Classic - Strategy"

Gov posted:
2019Dad posted:
DesertDuck posted:

If memory serves (both Jr. & Sr. Classic last year)....counts start out at 0-0. First walk for batter, stay in the box and runner on first from dugout. Start AB over (may start @1-1 now) and only fastballs. Second walk for same batter in the game and he takes first himself (swing the bat boys!). Some of this can vary 'a bit' based on Coach's desires at plate meeting with Ump just prior to game start.

Innings are 3 outs or 6 batters whichever happens first. No score kept.

Can run 60 off to the side of one field throughout event but don't have to. Usually scheduled by team. Times are recorded and given to RC's/Scouts at end of event. If you want to be noticed running a 60, that happens at the Academic try-out.

Do you have to run the 60 at the academic game tryout? I mean, does everyone run it?

The 60 is at the academic tryout - standard showcase format

Thanks, Gov. He'll run it and I expect he'll do OK, but it would be wise to spend some time prepping for it (working on start, etc.). Where to find the time . . . ?