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I think that high school showcase baseball is about to take a pretty severe hit.  Here's why.  

More and more, state high school athletic associations are allowing sports/teams/coaches to do things in the off-season.  In GA teams can practice in June and play games.   A coach is foolish if he doesn't say to his players, "If you aren't clear D1, and maybe even draft-worthy, material, you don't need to be bothering with showcase baseball. You are throwing money away on uniforms, and administrative costs, and get zero training.  You will show up with 25 other guys on your team and play for a college kid looking to make a little side money.  Chances are that a recruiter will never even come out and see anyone on your team play.  

As a team we will practice together in the summer, then as a team we will enter and play in the same tournaments.  You will be seen by the same people.  We will wear our high school uniforms and you won't be paying a bunch of administrative and "recruiting" costs.  I have connections in the coaching world.  I can get you seen- if you deserve it.  I will be coaching you and training you in the summer.  So, you will actually be improving during that time - a big plus.  If you want to play showcase baseball afterwards, I will help you get on a team; it's your money."

A coach that gives up this opportunity to work with his team during the summer instead of farming them out to showcase baseball will probably not be making the best decision from a personal career perspective.

As for kiddie travel ball.  The present generation knows enough now to train their own kid in the skills to succeed.  They don't need some guy who himself couldn't make it and now trains kids at a warehouse or the latest internet know it all, or some guy with a belt or a balance board or a stick that makes a noise when you swing correctly or super secret olympic lifting program in order to teach their sons how to play.

Will the next generation continue the self-centered child worshipping practices of their parents?  That will be the big x-factor.

That is essentially what is happening in my area.  The real studs go off for the summer.  The rest of the team stays home and plays with their "HS" team.  They have to change the uniform, hat, and name, but that is about it.  Then the problem becomes whether you HS coaching staff is any good.  Some are and some, unfortunately, aren't. 

IMO, hs teachers and coaches are vastly underpaid.  Many will use their own money and resources to teach and coach.  Some love working with kids, teaching and coaching, some have other reasons.  Either way I believe you pay them what they are worth and that will bring better competition for the job.  Students win with better education, better qualified coaches will be available, etc.  Now the only question is how to generate more money for the schools and being used appropriately!

Well in my area hs teachers are some of the top earners in the community.  So I guess that makes me underpaid.    it's not a get rich job.