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Reply to "Best Camp that don't give catchers short shrift?"

HitRunThrowCatch posted:

Great idea about calling the colleges.  There are a few JuCo and D1 programs fairly close to us. I talked with some parents of college players this weekend, and it seems like most of the players are headed out to play summer baseball in the league that their coaches have chosen for them. Still, the assistant coaches would have some insight. I have never thought about contacting them, simply because they are probably inundated with inquiries, and I worry about the "etiquette" of such calls.

It doesn't really matter much.

Hey, I have a catcher who is a sophomore in HS. He's looking to train defensively  with somebody this summer. Is there anybody on your staff who trains kids or any former/current players in the area that you would recommend? 

If that doesn't work, try talking to some batting instructors at academies. I'm sure some have trained a college catcher at some point that they could put you in contact with. Not sure if you're north or south of Orlando/Tampa, but if Brandenton isn't too far from you then IMG might be worth looking into. 

Even if you can't find a coach willing to train- a DM on Twitter/Instagram to a college player or minor leaguer can go a long way. Especially so when you consider what some of those guys are making. Son might be able to help you out here. 

Hey I've been to some games and I'm a big fan. How much do you charge per lesson? I want  to work on ________. And send some video. 

Went to a field in October. One of the short season guys was giving a pitching lesson to a high schooler. 70 bucks a lesson can mean a lot to a guy who lives with 11 teammates in a 3 bedroom apartment.