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Reply to "Best DFW hitting coach?"

@Consultant posted:


There was one player projected for a 1st round SS. It was obvious from the AC games at Blair Field, that he was not familiar with wood. He had "warning track" power. Many pro scouts will deduct 40' on a hitter fly ball with a metal bat. "warning track" power.

I mentioned to a Scouting Director to ask the SS, if he would learn to hit left. His right eye was his dominate eye.

His answer to the Scout was NO. Currently a Pitcher for the Texas Rangers.


Bbcor has leveled that though. It is still not the same as wood especially if hit not in the sweetspot (bat doesnt break and you can get more jam hits but the top exit velos when squared up are not all that different, maybe 1 or 2 mph higher with bbcor than wood.

I have worked with a kid from this site and he was like 92 with bbcor and like 91 with an overload wood bat last week.

Still of course hitting with wood is still tougher as you need to barrel it up better but I think the days  when one hit absolute bombs with metal and not even warning track with wood are over.