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Reply to "Blocking Problem"

coach2709 posted:

Do you have any game film? That will help more than watching your videos because that's where you're messing up.  Couple of observations

1.  You have heavy feet - I would suggest getting a jump rope and learn to do all the boxing shuffles.  Get on a good dot program to work more agility with your feet.  Not sure if you want to do this one but I feel that it helped me tremendously was play offensive line for football.  All the drills we did for footwork on moving people in tight spaces made me more agile.

Reason why I'm saying this is in your lesson video when the instructor has you block and recover in the first part you are slow getting up.  Plus you take more steps than necessary to get there - in the first ball after you got up it took you four steps just to get to the ball when it was right there. In the second ball it took 5 steps and you were closer.  In the Baseball Factory video (it popped up on the next video) in your hitting portion you are stomping your front foot instead of being soft.  That could possibly cause your head to bounce which is going to hurt you hitting but I think that shows heavy feet.  Also, the ground balls at first you take a lot of steps.  I think overall the extra steps are showing a possible lack of balance from 

2.  You play too big - especially in the BF video you're almost standing up when you're blocking and then throwing.  You're not going to get very many strikes because you're blocking the umps view.  Even working on the framing in both videos you're too big.  

You need to work two positions - one with runners on and one with nobody on.  WIth nobody on you want to be as small as possible.  This requires a lot of stretching and it's harder to block pitches side to side but nobody on not a huge deal.  With runners on you still have to be small but more up on your toes while bent at the waist.  In the BF video you're showing your entire chest to the pitcher when you should be showing him your head and shoulders (hope that makes sense).  Once again this all ties into having good feet.

3.  I'm not sure what you're getting out of that lesson to be honest.  You're working on blocking and it's either coming in the air and you're blocking / catching it or it's a ground ball at you.  That's not helping you.  Most - if not all - the pitches you "block" are actually caught in your mitt.  Blocking means it comes up and into your chest and you control it by forcing it down.  If you're big you're going to have a hard time controlling it.  

Just a few thoughts but my biggest piece of advice that will probably help your original question and you overall is to help your feet out.

Thank you, I will work on my feet. Don't pay attention to the BF video that was taken a year ago, I ha begotten better. I will try to get game video soon and more video of me catching. When you say to not show the pic ther my chest and just show head and shoulders, what do you mean by that? And I did notice that in the lesson the balls weren't hiring my chest, I will get more video of me catching sometime soon hopefully once high school is over. Thanks for the rely and advice.