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Bogeyorpar's D3 Academic-Baseball College Ranking

I had too much turkey and nothing else to do during the Thanksgiving weekend, so I decided to create a college ranking system that reflect both academic and baseball strength. The formula is very simple:

1. Take academic ranking from WSJ/Times 2017 College Ranking. The reason: this list ranks universities and LACs and Regionals together, so we don't have the problem of Williams/Amherst ranking the same as Princeton/Harvard.

2. Take D3 ranking from Massey Rating system. It ranks 380 D3 programs based on 2016 season win-lose record and strength of schedule.

3. Use 70% academic and 30% of baseball, based on the popular "40 years vs 4 years" argument, to rank the colleges.

Personally I think this list makes a lot of sense to me. Let me know what you think. I can tweak the formula easily if there's a better way to calculate (e.g. 60-40 or 80-20? Any other factors to add?)

Anyway, here are the top 100 D3 Academic-Baseball colleges resulting from the calculations:


Ranking          College          Academic Baseball Index

1Emory University17613.7
2Washington University in St Louis114721.8
3Tufts University271724
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology27824.8
5Johns Hopkins University117730.8
6Case Western Reserve University323031.4
7Pomona College287040.6
8Haverford College377648.7
9Amherst College2310948.8
10Trinity University73151.4
11University of Chicago1316257.7
12Occidental College84460
13Wesleyan University4510462.7
14Bowdoin College4413270.4
15Grinnell College785370.5
16Denison University836176.4
17Williams College2220677.2
18Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology924377.3
19Swarthmore College3418278.4
20Claremont McKenna College4617484.4
21Worcester Polytechnic Institute7012686.8
22The College of Wooster1172288.5
23Stevens Institute of Technology997491.5
24DePauw University9110093.7
25University of Rochester5818094.6
26Washington and Lee University1097598.8
27Hamilton College6019399.9
28New York University33278106.5
29Middlebury College36272106.8
30Trinity College65205107
31Macalester College67202107.5
32Carleton College37274108.1
33California Institute of Technology10350112
34Union College102137112.5
35Babson College114118115.2
36Brandeis University89185117.8
37Oberlin College62260121.4
38Franklin & Marshall College100173121.9
39Willamette University15939123
40Rhodes College15062123.6
41Colby College66279129.9
42Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute78254130.8
43Allegheny College144110133.8
44Vassar College75273134.4
45Wheaton College (Massachusetts)16663135.1
46Ohio Northern University147112136.5
47Bates College102218136.8
48Kenyon College94240137.8
49University of Puget Sound17066138.8
50Dickinson College123179139.8
51Susquehanna University17071140.3
52Illinois Wesleyan University159103142.2
53Gettysburg College125183142.4
54Clarkson University136175147.7
55Rutgers University-Newark141176151.5
56Rochester Institute of Technology128212153.2
57Gustavus Adolphus College144181155.1
58Ithaca College19482160.4
59Chapman University22324163.3
60Ohio Wesleyan University20087166.1
61Marietta College22140166.7
62Kalamazoo College172156167.2
63The College of New Jersey23826174.4
64Whitman College185150174.5
65Earlham College204108175.2
66Centre College147249177.6
67Washington College207117180
68St Olaf College155247182.6
69Lewis & Clark College182190184.4
70Augustana College (Illinois)24156185.5
71Wheaton College (Illinois)215121186.8
72Skidmore College139303188.2
73Southwestern University24072189.6
74Wabash College186199189.9
75Washington & Jefferson College210143189.9
76Muhlenberg College186207192.3
77Rutgers University-Camden26246197.2
78Sewanee-The University of the South162297202.5
79Ursinus College174271203.1
80Beloit College226165207.7
81Suffolk University25697208.3
82Albion College182276210.2
83Luther College27369211.8
84Hope College235158211.9
85Widener University252119212.1
86Yeshiva University141379212.4
87Austin College207231214.2
88Pacific Lutheran University30311215.4
89St Mary's University28858219
90St Lawrence University186299219.9
91Catholic University of America233194221.3
92University of Scranton210257224.1
93Alma College267128225.3
94John Carroll University273123228
95University of Redlands31525228
96Hampden-Sydney College30552229.1
97Cornell College254177230.9
98Hendrix College29096231.8
99Knox College202317236.5
100Pacific University33120237.7
 (Updated with missing data fixes)
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