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Reply to "Bogeyorpar's D3 Academic-Baseball College Ranking"

Bogeyorpar posted:
JCG posted:

Smoke, I was having similar thoughts  about how the baseball rankings skew toward current winning percentage, which will fluctuate quite a lot, and which doesn't necessarily translate into the overall baseball experience.  Things like the field, the fans, the athletic center, transportation, weather, coaching are not addressed. And on the other side of the ledger, affordability, aid, etc.  So I think it's a great list, but it's going to churn a bit, so unless BogiePar updates it,  it will be out of date in a year.  

But as a starting point for families looking to research D3 baseball opportunities, I think this list is as good as I have seen.

Bogie, maybe while you're digesting your Christmas dinner you could come up with a high-academic D1 Baseball list to replace that dang Tier 1 list.

The academic ranking changes once a year, and Massey rating changes once new season underway. With the updates, some schools will go up/down a few spots, but I don't think any school can jump more than 10 spots.

Yes, the D1 list is on my to-do list. With D1, though, do you think it makes sense to weigh baseball more, such as 60-40 or 50-50? After all, most people go to D1 to turn Pro, right?

If you're interested, I threw together a list from Massey that averages the ratings for the last 5 years.