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Reply to "California Lawmakers Vote to Undo N.C.A.A. Amateurism"

collegebaseballrecruitingguide posted:
old_school posted:

They aren't going to be paid because they aren't going to have any marketplace. They aren't going to be in the NCAA tournament or bowl series. They are going to be the Confederate colleges of CA. 

good luck with that. 

Poo-poo that now, but think about it. If a recruit knows they can come to school in California, make $ off their image, likeness or name, and still get a scholarship (assuming schools tell NCAA to pound sand and still give the kids athletic aid) don’t think the top recruits aren’t going to flock to USC, UCLA, Cal, SDSU and take advantage of that? That is a recruiting dream scenario! Other states university systems would be begging their state legislatures to pass bills like this in order to retain talent in state to keep their stadiums filled. 

There will be many court battles before this is over. it will either fail or force a total realignment that we won't recognize the landscape to day. 

Lets face it folks, we are talking about football and basketball men...nothing else has any drawing power. And even in FB and BB it is only the very top. Nobody cares about getting Duke's star WR jersey or the 8th man at West Virginia who plays great Def. Richmond may have the best damn lacrosse goalie in the world but about 137 people care. As much as we all love baseball most schools average what maybe 200 people game? yea those Central Tennessee jersey sales will make some kid a fortune. 

There will be massive abuses at some schools which will organize some type of buyers union or whatever to make sure they can guarantee $$'s for kids. There will be studies to determine if it is racist, sexist and homophobic on how the athletes get or don't get support. 

Anytime you get big money involved it is going to turn into a huge shit show. Way more then today, the real student athletes, the ones that in theory should really matter are going to lose. the small conferences, the mid majors, the  minor sports...whatever I think NCAA sucks but this is going to be abused in ways those jackasses in CA who think they know the best way to do everything have never even contemplated. 

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. the SEC may turn to starting charter schools for the elementary level so they have a steady pipeline of talents coming at all times. I can see Ole' Miss scouting the playground at recess.