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Reply to "California Lawmakers Vote to Undo N.C.A.A. Amateurism"

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Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. The players' allegiance will turn from the school to the sponsor. Imagine if Nike said to Zion "Wow Zion, that was close. Listen, we have too much money invested in you to take a chance on anything happening to you. We want you to take the rest of the season off - no ACC tournament or NCAA - and we'll give you another $20 million when you are drafted into the pros." The Golden Rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.

Does that sound like making money from their image, likeness or name? No, that sounds like something different, and therefore outside the intent of what they are doing. 

Yea because we know that when a state government that operates in a bubble where they believe they are the only group that matters create garbage legislation without any real thought or knowledge that there would be unintended consequences...outside of the intent. I am shocked. 

Keep up the good work. 

I can understand why you might think the legislation is a bad idea.  I'm not sure I think it is a good idea myself.  But there are plenty of folks who are knowledgable about college sports and support this (see the link below, for example).  That doesn't mean you are wrong; but I do think you are wrong to assume the folks supporting this legislation didn't give it some serious thought.