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Reply to "California Lawmakers Vote to Undo N.C.A.A. Amateurism"

PABaseball posted:
NorCalBBDad posted:

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. The players' allegiance will turn from the school to the sponsor. Imagine if Nike said to Zion "Wow Zion, that was close. Listen, we have too much money invested in you to take a chance on anything happening to you. We want you to take the rest of the season off - no ACC tournament or NCAA - and we'll give you another $20 million when you are drafted into the pros." The Golden Rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.


This is why the rules are in place to begin with. If this passes you'e going to have guys transferring and picking schools based on which booster provides the biggest payday, it will have almost nothing to do with the education - which is the first part of student-athlete. You're going to have the check writer calling the shots. 

My problem isn't necessarily with the payday, it has more to do with the devaluation of the education. Good luck getting the star PG to go to history lecture when Nike is offering 20k for a commercial shoot. 

There are other options outside of college sports. For the people to say that it isn't fair they don't get a piece of the pie - that's nonsense. They're choosing to pass up other pro leagues for the rules that the NCAA has established. Because all these kids know that if they stink at the collegiate level they can always continue on with the education. How can you enter a contract with an institution (NCAA) and then complain about the terms. Fair pay to play still doesn't make sense. While it's a worthwhile idea (letting kids profit off their image) the reality of it is that star running back will do whatever the paycheck tells him to do and if that includes missing the last 6 games of the season that is what he'll do.

1) Kids who will make meaningful money from endorsements don't choose their schools today because of the educations they offer.  No offense to Zion, who apparently was a pretty good student, but do you think he went to Duke because he really liked their History Department?

2)  These kinds of players go to college for a year or two to improve their marketability, maybe to grow up a little.  You can't "devalue" their college experience, because they aren't in it for the education.  Again, the CA bill is about endorsements.  This will not be an issue for water polo and field hockey players.  To talk about one-and-done basketball players as "student athletes" is insanity.