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Reply to "Can non Travel Players Get to the Next Level?"

3and2Fastball posted:

A 2021 RHP throwing 84 is definitely on track to play college baseball.  

Is there somewhere that you can have your velocity taken on video?  You could use that to send to colleges.  A PBR showcase is a relatively inexpensive way ($175) to validate your velocity, as well, which also can be sent to colleges.  Depending on where you live, it might not be expensive to travel to a PBR Showcase.

Also there are a number of travel teams that happily take on subs to pitch in bigger tournaments.  If you are willing to travel to pitch 3-4 innings that would be a good way to pitch in front of scouts, would only take up a weekend or two and would be at no cost other than travel expenses.

Ultimately you will need to keep working hard to increase your velocity.  How tall are you?  84 from a 5'9" Soph with a full beard is less projectable than 84 from 6'1" skinny kid with plenty of room to grow.

thanks for posting your questions here, you will likely get some good advice.

Thanks for the input. Showcases are for sure a big target on my list and plan on attending a few this summer (I also have gotten a ton of college camp invites, camps held specifically by the coaching staff at a school, are these a chance to get seen or just cash for the program?). 

I am currently 6'3" and weigh at 165 lbs, yes I do have room to fill out, I'll be in the gym this summer for sure.