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Reply to "Can non Travel Players Get to the Next Level?"

baseball_swagg posted:
PABaseball posted:

How to get recruited without travel? Short answer: Be so much better than the competition around you that you don't need it. 84 is good. 88 gets you noticed. 

What you should be doing is trying out/reaching out to travel teams in your area and find out about their team and schedules. If offered a spot call them up and say thanks, I can't afford to pay this right now but I will gladly do the local tournaments or come pitch if you guys are ever a need a guy.

Talk to your HS coach. Hey do you know any travel teams I might be able to guest pitch for this summer? 

Also, don't let the price tag scare you off. The higher the level of travel, oftentimes the cheaper is it to play. Plus if you are talented enough, I'm sure a coach can find you rides/hotel rooms to the tournaments. One of the best players on our team last summer did not pay a dime except for his meals. Always drove out and stayed with a coach/player. And that not only got him an offer, but most likely drafted as well. Programs need players to commit to keep their thing going. More commits = more talk and publicity. 

If none of that works. Workout all summer, increase velo and start saving some money for next year. 

Thanks so much for the advice. Anytime I can get good input is a plus. What do you think of college camps held by a school (such as a Clemson camp, or Tennessee for example)? Are they to pay the coaches or a legitimate way to get seen? I feel it depends on the school and the level of interest, but that's me.

Most camps are fund raisers for the program. If the head coach and assistant in charge of recruiting don’t stay to watch you’ve wasted your time and money. The only camps you want to do are prospect camps and labeled as showcases. While a college may host the showcase there will be lower level colleges in attendance they don’t consider threats to steal prospects.

What you need is a connected person (coach, instructor) to promote/presell you to college coaches so they’re coming to see you.