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Reply to "Can non Travel Players Get to the Next Level?"

PABaseball posted:
Enjoying the Ride posted:

I would respectfully disagree. There is no downside to including this information, assuming it reflects positively on the player. I do not buy the idea that coaches will be distracted by it.  Strong academics say something about a player’s work ethic and ability to balance sports and school.  There are definitely coaches out there who will care about this from the get go. You only get one chance to make a first impression - why would you not want to make it the absolute best you can. 

It won't be a distraction, it is just not something that is important until they like your game. Include it in the email, but these coaches are getting hundreds of emails a week from kids that want to play there. The subject line should be short and catch the eye of the coach. SAT scores and GPA don't matter until they show interest, the same way work ethic is not important unless a player shows he can play. Hard working player with average skills = non recruit. 

The higher the level of baseball the less important grades are. Admissions standards are lower for athletes, even the HA D1s. Not every Notre Dame baseball player had a 34. Last week I watched a game on ESPN between a HA P5 and a mid major, I couldn't believe some of their majors even existed. Some sounded fake. 

I always stress the importance of grades, but the truth of the matter is for most coaches it is - can they meet the minimum requirements to get into the school. Most coaches they trust their staff and team tutors to keep their kids eligible. 



I'm seeing a significant amount of student athletes majoring in Sport Management and Business.  IMHO to generic.