Can someone look at this for me?

Hey - my son plays travel ball. He is currently the number two hitter on his team in AA ball. He is a big kid for his age, but was born three weeks before the age cutoff so will always be the youngest 12U on his squad. He is 11.

He really hits for average mostly, and he doesn't seem to hit for tons of power. He gets doubles and very rarely triples, but doesn't usually have home run power. He's not fast, which also hurts him in slugging.

I've included a video of one of his best swings from last year. This was a guaranteed home run, except they didn't have the fences (200ft) up that day - so it ended up as a triple in long grass.

Can someone take a look and comment at the swing. Is there something in there that is taking power away from him? He seems to lean back a little when he swings and I don't think his weight is really transferring forward as much as it should. That being said, this swing was a no doubter and I'm wondering if he put it all together here or if there is still something holding him back?

Thank you guys so much for the help! Great site, great contributors!


p.s. This swing was against a buddy of his who was talking trash during the at bat in a friendly. Could just be confidence and desire to beat his buddy lol...


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