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Reply to "Catcher AND that a problem?"

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 we're going to need to start counting up all of the pre-game tosses made while playing catch. 

Pre-game warm-ups are accounted for in the recommended pitch counts by ASMI.  Warming up is factored into the numbers that they came up with, so you never include them in the pitch count equation.  In fact, warm-up pitches between innings are also taken into account in the recommendations.  The ASMI recommendations only refer to in game pitches to batters.

How many pitches has ASMI assigned as "warm up" pitches?  10, 30, 50, 100???


Why hasen't ASMI (American Sports Medicine Institute)  come out with recommended throw counts for catchers?  Obviously they have strong opinions about pitch counts to protect an arm and things not to do, we see these rules mimicked in tourney rules...but if every catcher throw back is equal to 1/2 a pitch where are the rules to protect the catchers arms in those tournaments?

Common sense comes into play here CaCO3Girl.  Who is going to throw 100 warm up pitches???  Warm up pitches are usually not full-effort pitches either.  Some may be, but not all and not enough to count toward in-game pitches.  Also, the pitch count rules are basically guidelines.  ASMI understands that it is not a hard number.  Some pitchers may have to come out before the recommended number because they tired earlier, some pitchers may be able to go beyond the limit.  But, you have to start somewhere.  


I'm sure that ASMI included the recommendation about pitching and catching because they saw an increase in the injury rate for kids that both pitched and caught over kids that just did one or the other, or pitched/caught and played another position in the field.


They have stated on numerous occasions that the BIGGEST factor is pitching while fatigued.  Because catchers are playing a demanding position, it is recommended that they not do both.

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