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Reply to "Catcher AND that a problem?"

Originally Posted by cabbagedad:
Originally Posted by CaCO3Girl:

I have found that I get more informative answers if I leave out the 12u in my post, and in this case I was thinking about ramification further down the line and was this "normal" farther down the time line, so it seemed okay to leave out the 12u. 


I know and I'm sorry I called that out.  I think it is great that you are making it a point to become so well-informed ahead of the curve. (although, in this case, if he is also the 12u coach and plans to do that with your son, it becomes an immediate concern as well.)  Admittedly, part of me is still trying to keep you from getting too far ahead of yourself so that you get full enjoyment of each age your son goes through but part of me was really curious as to what this coach's influence was on your son.  I was hoping maybe it was just a passing casual conversation and, perhaps, things were lost in translation a bit.  If this thread goes sideways, my apologies.  As I mentioned, there are several other good threads on the topic you can search.

It is less and less "normal" further down the line. 

I think that was a great advice and it wasn't hard to catch on that the coach was also her sons coach.

I guess people think we can be fooled easily.

Its not unusual for catchers to pitch when needed, but if a pitcher shows the ability to be an above average pitcher, then he should not catch.


I agree with what roothog stated. In HS games some of the guys did catch and pitch, never did son as it was obvious he would be a pitcher.  On the 17/18U travel team ( for recruiting exposure) he played in HS, pitchers were pitchers and catchers were catchers. Period.


When my son was 13 their catcher went down, so the agreement was that he should be the catcher until the other was ready to come back and NO PITCHING. FWIW, his coach was a former pro player and his father was a ML catcher. I guess he saw an ability and wanted to be safe and we appreciated it very much.



Matt Weiters would pitch late innings in college in a game after he caught, he played same conference as son, same years. He wasn't a pitcher, he just threw the ball hard (FB) to try to get it past the hitters This year he was unable to help his team in the playoffs, he had shoulder issues.


Bryce Harper also wasnt up to snuff this year either.  It all takes its toll eventually, so once again, most likely everything you do (including those youth years) will catch u.


I am not sure why people argue these points, too much is not too good for anyone, and I wish that the info that is supplied now would have been available when son was younger. Good that you ask these questions now and not later. You will get more honesty here than anywhere else.


Its all about common sense, I just don't get why folks don't get that.