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What is 80+ anyway?  There are lots of kids that throw hard, that DOES NOT make them a pitcher.  Seems like he wants to be a catcher, but there is a big possibility he will turn pitcher. If the coach says you will pitch, he will, but that is not the discussion, its whether too much throwing is any good for anyone, no matter which position they will end up playing some day.


One of my sons teammates in college came as a position player. He left as a pitcher, he hated it, so did his parents.  But he wasn't going to get drafted very high as a position player with a lose arm than a hitter with speed who couldn't hit. He was a pitcher for the Yankees, in ML.


Whats your point anyway?

I think her point is (not meaning neessarily to speak for her) that 15yo freshman throwing 80mph is going to be pressured to pitch and just saying tell the coach "no is easy advise to give, but might not be that simple. I expect to hear back from posters that, yes, it is that simple. Not for a 15yo.

Exactly...if you tell the coach no you are trying to run their team for them....if you don't speak up you are GOING to be a pitcher, which isn't what you what are your choices? (And I'm talking about that 15 year old again)


1. Speak up and be considered an uncoachable brat?

2. Accept that even though you have talent at other positions and can can ONLY play baseball if you are a pitcher because you can pitch well?


Is that really what it comes down to...if you can pitch well you have ZERO choice you WILL be a pitcher or quit baseball?