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Reply to "Catcher AND that a problem?"

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And yes if you tell the coach no just because you dont like that position you are a spoiled brat, but if you say no because of injury issues than what is there to discuss? 

I get you are a brat if you say I will ONLY play position X....but is the 15 year old a brat if he says I would prefer to play ANY of the other 8 positions, please I don't want to pitch.

I'll have to admit that if he were on my team, I'd probably be pressuring him to pitch. I'd try to sell it rather than demand it, but I wouldn't passively take no for an answer. My understanding is that your kid is in a pretty well known program with a lot of talent. They probably won't be so desparate for pitching talent that they will press too much. Trust me, they will press a little, though.


How does one know what will happen in years from now when the player reaches and plays in HS? If you told son he was gonna be a PO he would have laughed you in the face. However, he loved the game so much he would do anything he was told, and above all he trusted those that were telling him where his success would come.

Pitchers become pitchers only for a reason.  Only if you are better suited ( speed, pop time, leadership) for another position will a very live arm never pitch. More catchers in pro ball will convert to pitchers to stay in the game or accept another position, only if they can HIT the ball.


Come recruiting time any coach running a travel team worth anything WILL press you to play at the position you are best at.