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Reply to "Catcher AND that a problem?"

granbyfan posted:
Originally Posted by CaCO3Girl:

Just looked up on PG.


Top 50 ranked 2014's, total of 5 catchers:

#4, Alex Jackson = C, OF, 3B

#24, Jackson Reetz = C, RHP, OF

#29, Cobi Johnson = RHP, C, IF

#43, Devon Fisher = C, 3B, RHP, 1B

#45, Chase Vallot = C


3/5 of the best catchers last year were also pitchers.....thoughts?

#43 Devon Fisher Pitched 0 inning senior year on State Championship team. Drafted by Boston as catcher.

Actually Devon Fisher had pitched pretty much his entire Jr year at GCA and did in fact close out quite a few games for WB his Sr year. Ironically enough after injuring his left shoulder in the GCL 2015, he has now converted to a full time pitcher for the Red Sox.