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Centennial Conference contretemps

Conference tweet

“Due to unplayable field conditions, games 3-4-5 of the Centennial Conference baseball tournament will not be played today.

Therefore, the Centennial incomplete tournament policy will be invoked:

Incomplete Tournament Policy:

If the tournament has not
completed five games by the end of Sunday, and if all teams have completed at least one contest, the highest remaining seed will receive the Conference AQ.

Top-seeded Swarthmore is deemed conference champion.”

Johns Hopkins, Franklin and Marshall, and Washington College players and parents are PISSED.

High winds blew the school’s tarp, which they just got this year, off the infield  and the rain had already been falling for three days.

Making things look worse is the conference softball tournament was also at Swat, 50 feet away from the baseball field. That tournament went ahead as scheduled. I guess softball’s tarp did it’s job.

I was at Swat when all this went down. It was bizarre to be around the guys. They didn’t know whether to celebrate or not.  Very low key presentation of trophy, A lot of photos taken with teammates and parents but there wasn’t any boisterous behavior. No dog pile. They’re excited to go to regionals and they did finish first in season. But they know something about having games suddenly taken away. They had the same Covid experience as everyone else in 2020, of course, but added to that Swat cancelled ALL sports for the entire 20/21 academic year.

Note: Apparently all four head coaches wanted to play this coming weekend, but were overruled by the conference.

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