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is there a "measurable" for "baseball intelligence", the 6th Tool and "desire to compete"?

It is called "non verbal" communication. Watch the player when he departs his car before practice or the game. Is the cell phone turn off. Is he walking tall and carrying his own equipment. If he is a hitter where is the bat? Is his shoes shined? Shirt "tucked in".

Cap squared in his head. "Is he ready to play"? Where is his water bottle?


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a scout who uses these items as a primary rating factor is either retired or has become obsolete. In todays world zero kids have the phone turned off walking away from car (I might actually be more concerned about them if they did)...I would guess that less then .005% kids playing baseball in the entire U.S. have ever shined their spikes prior to a game and a smaller number before practice. The shirt tucked in another one, along with if they wear pants to the field or put them on in the parking lot...just silly.

All that being said I do think there is merit to body language and how they carry themselves but if a professional evaluator is going to be effective they better understand societal norms for the age. 


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