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Thanks for the responses.

looking at projectables -

I'm a big guy 6'3" 250+( getting softer as I get older)  I Don't think he will be as big LB wise- I was 5'11 180 when I graduated HS then grew in college and a little more on the military. at 21-22 6'3" 215. but I think he may get as tall.

Grandpa was 6'2"205.

2012 Brother is 6'1 205.

2019 is 6'2 180 now after this summer of weight room. added 10 lbs. Looking forward to the return from college this winter and 5am weights.

No phones at field. period. They stay in the car. 

Not really a medical expert, but i've heard that your child's height has something to do with your wife's dad's height as well, all things being equal.

You’ve heard a tale that has been passed on and on. Genetics can come from anyone in your family tree. I have a 6’2” friend with a 5’7” brother. There’s one aunt who is taller than both parents.

i had once heard boys grow to be 6-8 inches taller than their mother. I asked our pediatrician. She said it was folklore that is more likely to be true than not true. 

I had a 12u travel basketball player with skills that went way beyond anything I had ever seen in a kid before. I figured this kid had NBA potential given his 6’2” mother. He was a large state Gatorade Player of the Year and played in the ACC. I figured he would be 6’8”. He grew to be 6’3”. His NBA dream blew up when he never completely recovered from a torn ACL. 

Not sure if it's a tale, there is more validity that mother side genes supports it.