Reply to "Chance to play in college"

Happy New Year,

Update on 2019-

He hung them up. I talked about it earlier in the summer. When he got down to his school, he liked the college experience- but the everyday "baseball" from 5am to 9pm wasn't his cup of tea. I completely understood his reasoning and knowing him probably the best outcome. Came back up for the winter, got a job and went back down to a different school in AZ this month. 

Funny thing is he threw a pen for " fun" with his little brother in Nov and broke 92. "I was just messing around"......and" I had to throw harder than my brother". Seems to be Happy as a lark with his decision. 

Update on the 2021-

He did very well at the AZ Fall Classic. Hit well, Ran well. Love the AZ heat. He topped at 88 on the FB, sat 84-86 and was up to 76 on the CB. Got to meet a number of schools from DI to junior colleges. He spoke to his "dream school" as well. Which he was super excited for.Great week overall. 

still growing and still scrawny -maybe 165 lbs.......

He stopped basketball and focused on getting better over the winter. 

Exit Velo has gone up a bit to breaking 90-92 consistently...

Next week, he'll travel down and play with a Canadian scout team in the PG MLK tournament. He is  going to see two schools in AZ (a JC and a NAIA) and stopping at one in OR (DI)and one in WA (JC) on the way back. In March,he will be traveling back to play in the AZ Pro tour with that same team. Looking forward to 60 degrees next week rather than last weeks -26 up here. 

As far as traveling out in the summer, it's not going to happen. Pretty funny to hear mom talk about that not happening. He's ok with it  knowing this is his last legion year, because of a senior summer baseball opportunity next year.

Other than updating you all every little bit,  Just happy to watch the trip....