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Reply to "Cleaning your gear"

Originally posted by piaa_ump:
As am umpire I wipe down my mask, chest protector and shinguards after every game. Now I its hard to expect every cathcer to do that....

No, it's really not.

Clean gear after each game or practice and let it air out overnight. Turn the bag inside out once every week or so and wipe it down too. Easy solution for the problem of stinky gear.

It's like raking the field. It doesn't get any easier the longer you let it go.

I'm not trying to be holier than thou or anything like that. Just the way it was put to me when my son started catching. I wouldn't have thought of it either if someone hadn't told me to expect it of my catcher. We've made it a ritual and he now takes pride in showing up with clean gear.

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