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College Select Baseball now accepting nominees for Fall 2011 Season

College Select Baseball is now accepting nominees for the Fall 2011 season. We are open to class of 2012, 2013, and even 2014 high school baseball players. This fall will feature 6-7 showcase tournaments that will be held throughout the Northeast and will maximize players exposure to schools within the region and beyond.

The fall season will involve more than just playing games, there will be one on one sessions between players and coaches to: a.) Improve player ability and even more importantly b.) college guidance throughout the season and beyond. Also will be personal profiling and verified statistical information made available for College and Pro Scouts.

This season will be headed by head coach, Steve Blinn and will continue to follow a rich history of assisting hi school players and their families in fulfilling their collegiate dreams. Our jobs are not done until your players have found a school and are happy there!

Please send nominees directly to Steve Blinn at Please include player information, school name, summer or high school coach's contact information and a little blurb on the player.

Please continue to follow College Select at as the site will be updated. You can also follow the team on Facebook and even twitter #CollegeSelectBB

Hope to hear from some of you and for the others have a great and safe fall season!

-Coach Blinn
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