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Reply to "College Select Baseball now accepting nominees for Fall 2011 Season"

Originally posted by RedSoxFan21:
Hey Baseballmom I get your drift but be careful with censorship as its a double edged sword. Deleting this might be seen as a cover up. I have a lot of respect for CollegeSelect and one unhappy poster doesnt change that. Im sure if others dug into the program they would get an accurate picture.

But if we start shutting down threads like this it kind of takes away from the rawness and honesty of the whole board. Imho....

OK, I can see your point. I am not for censorship, so perhaps shutting it down is wrong. And I don't have a dog in this race so have no desire to jump into a controversy.

However, I am a part of three professional message boards, all about college admissions. None would ever allow this level of conversation on their boards. When we have things to share that might not be favorable about a particualr college or program, we find ways to do so constructively and privately.

If these gripes are legit, they need to be dealt with elsewhere.

The internet is a dangerous thing when it comes to protecting a reputation, because anything can be said about anyone, and when we are all posting without our real names, it can be very very easy to backstab recklessly.

Again I have no personal stake in this. But I would hate to see this board become a vehicle for harm, vs for good.