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College vs draft - scout attention

My son is getting quite a bit of attention from scouts and sports agents. He is a senior RHP and is committed to play at a D1 school in the fall. 

We want our son to go to college. It’s really a non-negotiable point in our minds. He does too. However, what do we do with the scout and agency attention? 

1. Is there any benefit to saying you’ve been drafted out of high  school even if you don’t take the deal?  

2. If we decline invites to throw bullpens for these scouts or agents, are we burning bridges for when he wants the attention in college? 

3  If he’s certain he’s not interested in the draft, do we tell everyone that now? 

He has been in contact with scouts from seven MLB teams at this times and two agents. Some are lower level scouts but others are the area supervisor ones. All were unsolicited contact after people saw him at training camps with his summer team over the past couple months. 

Thanks!  We have no experience with this and honestly don’t know what to do. 



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