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Reply to "College vs draft - scout attention"

I have not read all of the responses yet so if some of this is repeat, I apologize.

1. Is there any benefit to saying you’ve been drafted out of high  school even if you don’t take the deal?  

Typically, in the earlier rounds, a player won’t be drafted unless he agrees to a number. If he agrees and doesn’t sign, that can be tricky because that means the team has wanted a pick.

There really no benefit to saying that you’ve been drafted (IMO) because baseball is a what have you done for me lately sport.

2. If we decline invites to throw bullpens for these scouts or agents, are we burning bridges for when he wants the attention in college? 

I think it’s more about how you do it. (Great example above by BaseballHS) The scouts and agents have probably seen him throw and will see him throw in the spring.

3  If he’s certain he’s not interested in the draft, do we tell everyone that now? 

It happens all of the time. Most scouts will still perform due diligence but can appreciate the truth.